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Accidental Refugee is the story of one man’s struggle with prejudice, deceit, heart-break and pure bad luck.

He leaves his dysfunctional family in Iran in search of better opportunities and a college degree in the United States.

Ignorantly believing USA was the land of milk and honey.

He eventually joins the US Navy; a choice that would have him face persecution if he returned to Iran.

He soon realizes USA was in fact the land of superstitious cowards, and one leg of the Axis of Bastards.

Finally, he finds his own slice of happiness in the form of a beautiful wife and a son he adores.

But his life falls apart when he learns of his wife’s series of affairs and sequential vindictive betrayals, encouraged by her ignorant fundamentalist Christian parents.

Soon, he is running for his freedom and his son’s future.

This time, he moves to Australia, believing Australia was the land of multiculturalism and equal opportunity.

But he can’t ever seem to escape his misfortune, and becomes an Accidental Refugee.

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